It is good to see your healthy dog running and playing with your children, happy with no problems. But as the dog ages, osteo-arthritis is the more common type of problems with dogs. Before thinking it is arthritis, you need to take your dog to the vet to see if that is what it really is. It can begin in young dogs, such as work dogs.


Wear and tear

Osteo-arthritis is an inflammation and wear and tear problems that gradually gets worse of the cartilage, soft tissue and bones in either one or more joints. It is a degenerative and chronic disease of the joints that leads to chronic pain as well as declined mobility. The cartilage of the joints breakdown and develop more friction in the bones. Inflammation can also develop bony growths on the joint and thicken of the soft tissue.


This type of disease is caused by inflammation that gets worse and worse and starts deterioration of the soft tissue, bone, and cartilage in one or more of the dog’s joints. It is chronic and that leads to not only pain but decreased mobility. The cartilage in the joints of the dog breaks down and this is when rubbing between bones will cause the problems of the bones to start. Inflammation can be caused by infections and bony joint growths and the tissue that thicken.

Dogs of all ages

This doesn’t only happen in elderly dogs but also in younger dogs that are working dogs on a ranch or dogs that never stop moving or running. It is important to visit your vet to rule out any life threatening diseases such as cancer.


Arthritis can be associated to a repeated injury to a joint of an old injury. In some dogs they are suffering from a congenital joint disease such as hip and elbow dysplastic, osteochondrosis can develop. Metabolic diseases for instance diabetes and Cushing’s disease both have been linked to the wearing down of cartilage and causing arthritis in some dogs.

Other factors that can cause these problems in the joint include a high activity level due to being a dog who works and obesity. Dogs that are overweight have a larger risk for developing arthritis since the joints are under more stress.

The symptoms of arthritis in dogs tend to be less active and an owner should be able to notes that. They might have problems getting up, climbing stairs or jumping up of down from furniture. Often when the joint is moved it will causes sounds of cracking. There might be a change in the dog’s ability to bark. If you see signs of stiffness, visible pain and muscle wastage see your vet.

When you dog develop arthritis there are supplements like glucosamine to relieve arthritis in dogs that can reduce pain and inflammation, improves movements in the joint. Those dogs with arthritis at a young age might need therapy as well as medication.

Dogs that are overweight should be on a very strict diet to get them back to a normal weight. This will help put less stress on joints and also stop or alter medication. Exercise programs can be started to help with the weight issue, keep a good range of motion and muscle mass and the promotion of health in the cartilage.

Owning an icemaker has always been a great idea, as it can easily store the required quantity of ice for you, every time. If you were organizing a get together party, then sure you would need large volume of ice to serve drinks to your esteemed guests.

Buying ice from the market at such times might be quite expensive for few, especially when the volume is too high. This is one of the reasons, why buying an efficient icemaker will be an ideal option for many people. Ice can be made as per your convenience without consuming much time. The best portable icemakers are not only easy to use, but they also provide the users with quality ice.

Many owners of this wonderful machine are not so sure about the best way through which it can be cleaned. With less knowledge, they usually end up doing something that is not at all required for cleaning the interiors and exteriors of the icemaker. Some models such as the Edgestar Titanium are better than others, but for the most part you want to make sure to clean them well.

Clean the machine frequently

Every machine functions well, if it is well taken care of. Many users don’t prefer to clean the machine, as it is a tedious task for them. The quality of the ice might deteriorate if the machine is not cleaned frequently. Ice might taste bad, and in some cases, it might have strong plastic and metal scent. Such things are not at all good for your health.

Thus, it is recommended to wash this machine once in a while. There are number of effective techniques through which this task can be performed well by the users. You can use some of the home products like –

  1. Lemon
  2. Vinegar
  3. Soap water
  4. Clean cloth

The first step

The interiors of the machine consist of basket, tongs, water reservoirs, and pumps. All of them have to be cleaned with the soapy warm water. Don’t complete the work in haste, as it might not provide you with the expected results.

Once this has been done, you can rub lemon over the icemaker machine. This will prevent the machine from rusting and takes off the pungent smell. After a while, you can wash different parts of the machine with vinegar and leave it for a while. This will also clean the water reservoir and take off the dust or waste particles from the interiors.

Once you have followed these things, check if there is any smell inside the machine. If there is none, then it’s time to move ahead to clean the countertop of the icemaker. This part of the machine doesn’t have to be cleaned quite frequently, as it has to be done with the other parts. You can do clean them once in 2 or 3 months.

For improving the efficiency of the machine, it is suggested to use the machine quite frequently. This will prevent your machine from becoming rusty and shutting down due to non-use.

It is suggested to always keep your machine covered up, as this will prevent it from becoming rusty and dusty. Once this has been done, it is recommended to empty the bin and shift the ice into your normal freezer.